Besides selling your house, we also provide the purchase assistance for you to buy a new house.

The purchase of a house or an apartment is always exciting. It is good to have someone by your side who knows the in’s and outs of the branch and who does the negotiations on your behalf. GeWOON Makelaardij would like to assist you in any way, shape and form.

The purchase broker will represent the interest of the buyers with the purchase of a new house. Regarding the fact that you don’t buy a house every day, you’re standing stronger with a purchase broker by your side. With the purchase of a house you’ll come in contact with the selling broker. He or she represents the seller and his/her interests.

By mapping your wishes and accounting for every personal preference, we’re very capable to assist you with finding housing space on a short term.

  1. A good overview of your wishes and needs

It all starts with a good introductory meeting. The broker will meet you at your house and will talk over the wishes of the new living space and makes up an agreement. With this information the broker will start to look for available properties that match your criteria.

  1. Direct contact with the selling broker

If a house has sparked your interest, the broker will make direct contact with the seller or his/her broker for you.

  1. Second viewing with the broker

If you think you’ve found the living space you like and you’ve had a first viewing on the house, and you have the intention to purchase the house. Then the broker will arrange a second viewing and will accompany you during this viewing. During and after this viewing the broker will inform you about the (structural) state of the home. Potential hidden defects and a realistic market value of the home.

  1. The buying broker will negotiate for you

The broker will lead the negations in your name. Because of the experience of the broker, the best price is always provided.

  1. A home inspection will rate the home

The broker will inspect the state of the home together with you. What is the structural state of the home, which hidden defects are there and for a potential additional cost a full inspection can be done.

  1. Valuation by local appraiser

Because your broker is involved as your personal advisor he can’t provide the valuation rapport. This needs to be done by an independent appraiser. If necessary, the broker can advise in choosing an appraisers.

  1. Purchase agreement and the check

When the purchase agreement has been drawn up your broker will check the agreement for fine print and that the right terms and conditions are taken down in the agreement. Also the broker will walk you through the whole document before signing.

  1. Financial and mortgage advice

Not only will you be assisted with the purchase of a home, but there’s also the possibility to get advice about the mortgage from a licensed and well known advisor. This advisor can offer you a good offer. Ask about this during the introductory meeting.

  1. Inspection with the broker

The day before the legal transfer there will be an appointment with the sellers and the broker. There will be an inspection for the home. This inspection is set to make sure that the home is being delivered as mentioned in all agreements. The broker knows exactly what to look for during this inspection and will fully assist you.

  1. Legal transfer

After the inspection you and the broker will go to the notary to sign all the documents and together with the solicitor and the seller you’ll sign all of the documents. But beforehand every document will be checked one last time on correctness. After signing, you’ll get the keys for your new home!

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